Specialty Grinding

Double Disc Grinding
Fine Grinding
OD Grinding
Single Side thru feed Grinding
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During the process development stage, our engineers and operators determine the best wheel, feed rate, pressures, and machine setup for your product.

We have extensive experience in processing parts:
As large as 16 in diameter.
Holding sub-micron tolerances
Process from 1M pieces to prototypes.
PFS has experience supporting many industries including: automotive components, defense, medical tools and other industries.

Our well maintained facility offers:
- Double-Disc Grinding            - Center-less Grinding
- Blanchard Grinding               - Thru-Feed Grinding
- Double-Side Fine Grinding     - Thru-Feed Brush De-Burring
- Tumble De-Burring               - Cleaning/Packaging


Runs as large as 1,000,000 pieces to prototypes
Quick Turnaround
Our quality rating with our customers averages 99.58%
Our commitment to our customers is to CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE our processes and EXCEED EXPECTATIONS!
42" and 30" Rotary
Tumble Deburring